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CMR Recovery Residence

Substance Abuse and Alcohol Recovery Program in Northport, New York

CMR Recovery Residence in Northport, New York, is an alcohol and substance abuse recovery program that was founded by the early members of the original 12-step program under the guidance of Bill W.

CMR is a philanthropic organization that offers a low monthly rate of only $6,000 (private pay). Our recovery services are customized to each individual's needs. Comfortable private and semi-private rooms are available. Ask about longer stays.

We Offer a Nurturing and Serene Environment with:
Dedicated & Compassionate Staff 
• One-on-One Sessions scheduled daily
• Group Sessions 
• Comfortable Smoking Lounge with Filtration system
• Private and Semi-Private Rooms with Cable TV 
• Corporate Accomodations
• Nutritious, Well-Balanced Meals & Snacks 
• Conveniently Located near Major Airports
• Free Transportation*
• Ultimate in Confidentiality 
• Supervised Shopping & Outings 
• Complete Laundry Service 
• 24-Hour Supervision 
• Scheduled Groups and Activities



Personalized Service
When you call CMR Recovery Residence, you will have an opportunity to speak to our director Charles Murphy to begin the process of entering our facility.  We have knowledgable staff on the premises around the clock to help you with your recovery needs.

Contact us today with your questions
about our residential recovery program.

*free transportation to and from airports or mass transit

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